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????Want to go boating on the Cambridge River and reading Farewell to Cambridge? Want to think about the meaning and value of life under the blue Jacaranda? Want to look up at the starry sky in snowy Kootenay Rockies? NAIS can help you fulfill your dream of studying in the Commonwealth of Nations! After we have American High School Course and AP, NAIS now adds IGCSE and A-level courses!


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????A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level), is a recognized school qualification in the UK, and is widely recognizedby many universities in the UK and in other countries throughout the world. Having been approved to be an A-level Center by Edexcel, NAIS now starts an A-level program to meet the students?? need to go to universities in different countries. All the leaders and teachers have been trained by Edexcel and got the teaching certificates.

????After sitting the A-level examinations and meeting the entrance requirements, students can go for their bachelor degree study to 11,000 universities in more than 150 countries and regions in the world, including the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, Singapore, HK, and New Zealand. Now NAIS opens four specialties: Math or Science, Business, Computer Science, Arts.


????The advantages of NAIS






????1.NAIS is an approved testing site for Edexcel exams.

????2.We will provide a free study abroad program to the first batch of A-level students. (Value 30,000 yuan)

????3.Students will have one counseling class per week.

????4.Students who are accepted to the G5 group can get a significant scholarship.

????5.Students can switch from the America High School program to the A-level program if they pass the examination.




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????1.Students need to take the school entrance examination and be admitted on a merit basis.

????2.Students must have high English language skills.

????3.Students must be proficient at Math, Science,Computer Science, etc.


????Welcome to NAIS study and grow!Your BrightFuture Starts Here!

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