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????椁?楗???? F&B


????Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School has four clean and comfortable student canteens, which can accommodate 2,000 students for having meals at the same time. Quality of management and service of these canteens are of vital interest to students and faculty. For this reason, the Group and school leaders have always attached great importance to and controlled strictly over canteens’ management and the health and safety of food. It is the attention, concern and guidance of school leaders that lay a good foundation for the establishment of standardized canteens in our school and also has been the key factor driving us to do a good job.

?????¤溅??? School Bus


????Our school bus routes have been spread over the whole city, with nearly10 routes across Minhang District, and special lines for students from Xuhui District, Changning District, Putuo District and Songjiang District, providing convenient transportation for students out of Minhang District.

?????℃????璐 Uniform


????The supplier of our school uniform is Etonkidd, which is a sub-brand of Jiangsu Sumec Etonkidd Brand Management Co., Ltd. The brand has successfully served more than 3,400 prestigious schools in 30 provinces across China. The company ranks among the top 15 textile and garment import and export enterprises in China. We provide four-seasonal uniforms, including T-shirts, shirts, suits, coats, sportswear, which are quality as well as aesthetically pleasing and equally, loved by students and parents alike.

????浣?瀹跨??? Accommodation


????No matter where the students come from, the place they live is veryimportant. Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School provides well-equipped dormitoryfor students. In each clean and tidy bedroom, 3-6 students are accommodatedwith cold and warm air-conditions, and tables and chairs convenient to read andstudy. There are also independent toilets. We implement a strict housingmanagement system for students, which will surely enable every student to fullyfeel the warmth of home and learn to live independently.

????瀹??ㄤ?? Safety & Health


????Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School is a boarding school with health physicians on call 24 hours a day. The clinic is responsible for preventive care and health consultation of students, control and prevention of common and infectious diseases, application for children’s funds and medical insurance.

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