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????In SDA, there are various and club activities. We will have 14 student clubs and 4 teacher clubs this semester, providing opportunities as academic, humanity, cultural, and social practice for students to achieve their potential. At the same time, we will take the advantage of we have in connection with Vanke and our faculty, further exploring areas that students are able to show their talents.




????Biomap Club???╁?鹃?寸ぞ


????We aim at sharing some interesting knowledge about animals and plants by creating biomap and lectures, and also we are practicing some speaking and writing skills.

????Biomi Club????绀?/span>


????Ranging from analyzing millions of ways to tease cats锛?conducting research on perfume and body clock, Biomi is on the way for becoming a professional scientist. In this semester, Biomi will also design several interest research topics according to member’s own preference锛?study the aquarium's ecosystem, differences between sea areas, and so on.

????Debating Club杈╄?绀?/span>


????In the debating club, we enjoy the sharpness of the clash of thoughts, the rationality of the battle of logic, and practice critical thinking and reasoning ability. Moreover, we experience the charm of debate in different types.

????MFM Club?板?绀?/span>

?????ㄦ?板?绀鹃??锛???浠??瀛︿??㈣??拌????芥?颁?澶?椤瑰???瑙f????浣???绔?浣???浣?绛??板????锛?杩?灏?绉?????????绉??板?姣?璧?锛?濡?AMC(缇??芥?板?绔?璧?)UKMT(?卞?芥?板?瀛︿?姣?璧?) AMC(婢冲ぇ?╀??板?绔?璧?)??Math Kangroo绛???

????In MFM (Mathematics the Founding stone of Modern World)we will together study number theory, functions and polynomials, analytic geometry, etc, and participate in various Math competitions, such as AMC, UKMT and Math Kangroo.

????Smarties Biochemistry Club绉???绀?/span>


????What can you do in the club?Conduct experiments you won’t do in class.Take part in an international co-operation project.Develop lab skills.Do accredited projects and enhance your college application.

????Read to See Club??璇荤ぞ

??????璇荤ぞ????绔?涓?浠???浜?功?????ラ????璇绘??达??存????浜??辫?涔︾????蹇碉?灏???璇诲甫缁??村?浜恒????璇荤ぞ??璧风???卞??句功??璧?璁″??姝e?ㄧ?????琛?涓?hellip;…The reading club not only shares the reading list and creates a reading atmosphere, but also shares the concept of loving reading and brings reading to more people. The charity book donation program initiated by Reading Club is ongoing...


????Psycho Club蹇???绀?/span>


????Students can learn know to build good connection with themselves, with other people and with this world, and they can know themselves better and be themselves.

????ACA Club?ら?绀?/span>


????From studying mooncakes, perfume satchels and embroidery, ACA is a good place for practicing hands-on skills and learning the ancient Chinese culture.

????Little Broadway Club灏??捐??姹?


????Little Broadway meets your needs and gives you a stage to perform! To help you explore yourself and discover your inner voice.


????KPOP Club??韫?绀?/span>


????Move with the music锛?dance with the beat. KPOP dance club provides all SDAers a stage to perform yourself. We divide the boy band form the girl band and we want to be a better self when we follow our idols.

????Tadow Club?充?绀?/span>


????Learn about different types of music, share your favorite music/singers/artists, and the stories behind the music, and share the experience of learning music theory and instruments. Get the music moving!

????Movie Club?靛奖绀?/span>


????In the movie club, we not only appreciate films, appreciate and summarize film shooting skills and expression techniques from the perspective of art, but also analyze the reasons for high/low scores in the box office. At the same time, we will also be involved in small film production.

????Photoshop Club PS绀?/span>


????What can Photoshop bring us?Beauty.Natural, convincing editing,Skills,More pc knowledge.


????Memory Yearbook Club?惧??骞村??绀?/span>


????We want to record every moment of SDA’s students and teachers through creating a yearbook like a memoir, for example, activities and competitions and classroom reunion. We will have the first graduate next year and we want everyone will cherish the moment here at SDA.

????2E Newspaper Club?ョ焊绀?/span>


????We are seeking to discover the interesting things in the school and create it in a unique style. Different from the usual newspaper, we are more creative, interesting and bold.We do not accept the official ones.We promise to bring the happiness.

????Architecture Club寤虹?绀?/span>


????With the extra support from super team (Vanke), we can not only talk about architectural dreams and share world-class dream buildings, but also have the opportunity to practice architect projects, which is very helpful for future career development!

????A Star Club????绀?/span>

????AStar????绀句富瑕?杩??ヨ?绋?????椤圭???绀惧??浠???杩??伴???涓?瀵逛??ㄧ嚎??瀛︽?瑰?锛?寮?灞???杩??板?哄?瀛︾??瀛︾??杩?绋?????娲诲?ㄣ??????????瀹规???杩?涓??ㄨ?璁$??绾夸???????A Star ???卞???楂?涓??介??楂?涓???瀛︾???卞????璧风??锛????涓??楠?涓板???绀惧?㈢?缁???

????Remoting volunteer teaching project, A Star carries out remote volunteer teaching activities for primary school students in remote areas through one-to-one online teaching method. The content is taught in specially designed online textbook.

????Presence Club??涓?绀?/span>

????PEC (Presence Entrepreneurial Club)??绔?浜?2020骞达?涓??ㄧ???DA House绯荤???琛???浜у??????????绉?ldquo;Presence”浠h〃??灞??版?涓?汉???圭????璐ㄣ??涓?浠?瑕?浠?涓??峰?╋??磋???????灞?SDA House????锛?杩?????浠???缁?????????

????PEC (Presence Entrepreneurial Club) established in 2020, specializing in promotional merchandise of SDA House system. The brand name ‘Presence’ stands for manifesting every individual’s unique quality. Not only making profit through the process, but being the pioneer to develop campus’s house culture is always our end goal.


????Various club activities set quality time for student learning outside the classroom. They are able to find out what their interests are, how they can reach to a better self, and how they can take the advantage of resources in and outside school. We sincerely wish every SDAer could find their own place in club activities and embrace infinite possibilities.

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